Activation not possitible after deactivaiton when A slave is configured

short description at the bottom;

When building a new WordPress site, the first thing I do after a WP installation is to install WP-Cerber. I did this again recently. Then, I decided to test the hub of WP-Cerber simply because I wanted to see what it looked like; I had never used it before. Without much testing, as I didn’t have the time, everything seemed fine at first glance and my curiosity was satisfactorily quenched. After that, I proceeded with the installation of my WordPress plugins and started building the site. During the design process, you sometimes encounter problems where something isn’t working properly, but you can’t quite pinpoint the issue. When I encounter such problems, after extensive searching, I deactivate certain functions in WP-Cerber or temporarily disable WP-Cerber to see if it resolves the issue.

When a problem persisted, I decided to deactivate WP-Cerber. However, after deactivation, I was unable to reactivate WP-Cerber. Upon checking the log file, I discovered that lines responsible for establishing a connection with a secondary server (a “slave”) were the cause. So I had to deactivate that in .php By placing “//” in front of these lines (for the slave) in cerber-nexus.php, I was able to reactivate WP-Cerber. However, after reactivation and removing the “//”, I received an error message in Site Health: ‘cerber_bg_launcher is late to run’. Ultimately, I decided to permanently remove the secondary server, which resolved the problem.

So, in short: if you deactivate WP-Cerber and have set up a slave and then try to reactivate it, you will receive an error message and WP-Cerber will not reactivate.
(reinstall of Wordpress or WP-cerber dit not work only disable a part in cerber-nexus.php)

Hi! Are you experiencing the issue on the managed (previously referred to as ‘slave’) website or on the main (a hub) one? Enabling Cerber.Hub mode does not change anything on a website and cannot cause an issue.