Excessive spam form submissions from my own server IP

Hello, I am trying to figure out why my server IP is submitting constant form submissions that are being detected by Cerber.

This is just a small snippet of them:

Is there a way to figure out what is triggering this type of activity? It seems strange.

Hi! Find and review those requests in the Traffic Inspector log. You will get more details on the situation. Check the full URL of the requests to get a clue. If traffic logging is not enabled yet, set the Logging mode to “Smart” and enable “Save request headers” and “Save request fields” to allow WP Cerber to save request details to the log.

Thanks, I wasn’t lookin gin the live traffic area.

So, it looks like they are all coming from LiteSpeed Cache:

I recommend configuring an exception in the WP Cerber’s anti-spam settings for those requests using the entire request path up to ‘nonce=’.

Read more: https://wpcerber.com/antispam-exception-for-specific-http-request/