False ban "You have been banned from this site"

Hi everyone,

I’m using free version of WP Cerber, few of my colleagues including me sometime face an issue with title “You have been banned from this site” with latest version of the Chrome on the iPhone 14.

So I quickly look at the activity and there’s no sign of warning or banned ip in the Lockouts. Turning off the plugin temporary solve the problem.

The only affected page is a contact us page with Contact Form 7.

May I know any workaround?


Hi! Could you take a screenshot of that “You have been banned from this site”. WP Cerber does not generate such messages. I suspect it comes from another plugin.

See also: https://wpcerber.com/contact-form-7-are-not-working/

Hi Garry,

Thanks for the reply. I not sure, if we turn off the plugin the problem seems solved. Here you go.


Just want to update this caused by other plugin (Blackholes for Bad Bots) and not wpcerber. I have stop the plugin and solve the problem.

Thank you!