I am not able to login (using a secret url) Getting Erro "You have exceeded the number of allowed login attempts."

I am not able to login : It is showing me this error, even if I haven’t tried logging in once

I am not able to see the input fields for username and password, it is directly showing me this error


That means there have been failed login attempts from your IP address that hit the limit you’ve set in the Login Security section. It’s possible to encounter this situation if you have left the WordPress dashboard open in another browser tab or in a different browser. When the dashboard remains open, it regularly sends ‘heartbeat’ requests, and each of these requires authentication. If the WordPress authentication cookies expire, these requests could result in failed login attempts. Another less likely possibility is that you share an IP address with someone else who has tried to log into this website several times and has reached the limit of allowed attempts. To resolve this issue and identify the root cause, use a different internet connection (for example, another mobile operator) to log into the website and check the Activity log for any failed login attempts from your IP original address. I also recommend not leaving multiple tabs open for a long time, such as for days, without using them.

I tried on a different device with different IP Address, still I am seeing the same mesg, I even tried deactivating the plugin, but then I am not able to access the secret url and /wp-admin is disable using cloudflare by client. How can I overcome this issue and login?

I even tried deleting my blocked IP Address from cerber_blocks table but still it is showing me the same issue

You are encountering this situation because the website is behind Cloudflare, but WP Cerber was not enabled to be used behind a proxy as described here: https://wpcerber.com/cloudflare-and-wordpress-cerber/

To resolve this, delete the WP Cerber folder and use the default WordPress login page /wp-login.php to log into the website and re-install WP Cerber.