I can't connect to my login page

Hello, I need some help.
I created a new account for another admin, but when i tried to login with the URL. He can’t.
There is error message : Page no found.
So when I disactived the plugin, there is not problem.
Do you have any ideas?
Thanks for your help.


Based on your description, the issue might relate to how WP Cerber is configured on your WordPress. Here are a couple of scenarios to consider:

  1. Using /wp-login.php: If the new admin tries to log in using /wp-login.php and the setting ‘Processing wp-login.php authentication requests’ in the Main Settings tab is set to a non-default value, WP Cerber will deny all login attempts.
  2. Using /wp-admin/: If the new admin attempts to log in via /wp-admin/ (which isn’t the actual WordPress login page) and the ‘Disable dashboard redirection’ setting is enabled, this would also result in denied login attempts.

To pinpoint the exact cause, please check the Activity log. You can use the ‘Search for IP or username’ function to find all login attempts made with the new admin’s username. This should help identify why they are unable to log in."

The easiest way to solve the issue is to enable the Custom login URL and use it whenever admins and other users need to log into your WP.