Installed Brave browser, can't get to my WP Admin area now

I’ve been using Chrome browser, but just installed Brave. When I try to go to my WP admin area in Brave, I get a Oops! That page can’t be found. But I can still go to it in Chrome. I checked the Traffic Inspector and it’s showing my white listed IP, along with the HTTP 404 Not Found at /wp-admin. Why is it doing this? I even turned the shield off on Brave and it didn’t fix it. Please help?

I have also brave and no problem at all! but if you say you have no issue in chrome → login to your site than go to Dashboard → the tab ‘Main Settings’ scroll down and check your settings . also check to be sure that your ip is in the tab access lists. your IP is not your computer ip! it is your ISP(internet serviceprovider) ip has given you check on

Thanks for the reply. I was able to sort it out by visiting wp-login.php instead of wp-admin

You got the 404 page because you have enabled the Disable automatic redirection to the login page when /wp-admin/ is requested by an unauthorized request setting in the Main Settings. With this setting enabled, users must log in through /wp-login.php to access the website dashboard. Once logged in, they will have access to the /wp-admin/ location.

Ah ok, I didn’t even realize that… Do you recommend that setting be enabled or disabled?

We recommend keeping it enabled and always using /wp-login.php to log into your website when using a browser where you have not previously logged in. This is because WP Cerber does not recognize you and blocks access to /wp-admin/ if you use a new browser or device.