Plugin registration page conflict

I used the wp cargo frontend plugin add on and I noticed that I cannot register by adding email or autofill, the pluging wp cerber conflicts it. I reached out to support and here is what they have to say. is where you can find the registration page

“Hello Sir Princesage. The only way to get rid of that server permission is by deactivating the WP Cerber Security plugin. Can you contact their support and ask why wordpress ajax request are being blocked? You can send this screenshot to them Sir. Also, can you clear your site’s cache and deactivate caching plugins such as WP Rocket? Thank you.
What are your plugins IP addresses”

Without seeing your activity log, it’s hard to determine exactly what is causing the issue. I recommend enabling Safe Mode in the WP Cerber anti-spam settings. This can help resolve conflicts that might arise with forms seemingly generated by the cargo plugin.