Wordpress error: Error: The cerberus-main options page is not in the allowed options list

Hi, the plugin is working fine but when I try to save any settings either from the home page or the traffic inspector I get this kind of errors:

Error: The cerberus-main options page is not in the allowed options list.

Error: The cerberus-traffic options page is not in the allowed options list.

I have tried disabling plugins but the error persists.

PHP version 8.2
Wordpress 6.4.3

Hi! I suspect you’re using a plugin that alters the standard WordPress admin URL to “hide” it, employing a Security Through Obscurity approach as a measure to protect your website. Such a plugin can cause the issue you have.

Wow, this support is incredible. Exactly that was the problem, I deactivated the plugin (which hides Wordpress) and re-activated it to generate the configuration again and everything worked again.

Thank you very much!

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What plugin for hiding do you use?

I use Hide My WP Ghost lite,
I noticed that the Wp-Cerber settings are only saved if I deactivate the plugin (Hide My WP Ghost lite).

Hiding admin URLs is, in my view, ineffective because the majority of WordPress site breaches do not occur through admin URL access but through the exploitation of vulnerabilities in themes and plugins. Additionally, the inherent vulnerability of the WordPress directory structure contributes to site compromises. For instance, anyone can upload malicious code to the media folder as a post attachment and execute it without hindrance. By default, all WordPress folders are writable and lack a protection mechanism, a design choice made to simplify WordPress installation for users without technical expertise. This architectural decision comes with its drawbacks.

This year, we will release a significantly updated WP Cerber admin dashboard, which I believe will rectify the issue.

Thank you, I am aware of this, we use it simply to avoid “curious onlookers”.
But it is clear that these solutions do not work to provide a layer of security.