Wp-login still availalbe despite option to turn it off enabled

Hi all.
I have a question regarding the configuration of hiding wp-login in WP Cerber 9.6.1.
I have configured custom login for my page, and:

but it seems like it does not work.

Now I can log in through both standard and custom login pages.
Am I missing something?
I do not use any caching plugins.
On the second page, I have an older version of WP Cerber (8.6.6) and there it works as expected - only a custom one is available.
I will appreciate any help.

/wp-login - unavailable
/wp-login.php - available
/{custom} - available

/wp-login - unavailable
/wp-login.php - unavailable
/{custom} - available

This is expected behavior. When testing WP Cerber’s security features, it’s important to conduct these tests either from a different computer or through an incognito window in your browser. Additionally, you need to ensure that the IP address (or subnet) of the computer you are using for testing is not listed in the ‘White IP Access List.’ You can verify this on the ‘Access Lists’ admin page.

When you activate WP Cerber, it automatically adds your current IP address to the ‘White IP Access List.’ This is a security measure to prevent you from accidentally locking yourself out of your website during setup. If your IP address is on this list, WP Cerber’s restrictions won’t apply to it, which might affect the accuracy of your security tests.